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Celtics Waive Justin Champagnie – RealGM Wiretap

by John Wilmes

The Draymond Inexperienced torrent has at all times gone on, ahead, away from pause or introspection. The reckless, universal-beef warpath is inseparable from all of the championship qualities he brings to the Warriors.

by Colin McGowan

Michael Jordan appeared to treat the Hornets as a type of funding or endorsement deal, lending your clout to a line a exercise gear you do not use.

by John Wilmes

Nobody, save for possibly Karl Malone, has ever gained MVP whereas additionally taking such a deep reputational hit. There’s an entire lot that should occur in Philly for Embiid to embark on the Hero’s Journey narrative that NBA followers are so unforgiving about seeing. 

by John Wilmes

Damian Lillard positioned himself for years as a small-market loyalty warrior; the final true gun-slinging, ruggedly individualistic cowboy in a cold fashionable world of globalist enterprise mergers in any other case often called “superteams.”



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