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Minecraft axolotl information – discover, breed, and tame

The place can you discover Minecraft axolotl? There’s extra to axolotl in Minecraft than simply discovering them. In spite of everything, what’s your plan when you do discover one? With out that data, monitoring down the elusive critters is a little bit of a waste of power. By studying not solely discover them, however tame and breed them as properly, you’ll take advantage of out of one of many recreation’s newer critters.

If you happen to’ve determined to play Minecraft purely to trace down axolotl, there’s much more you’ll have to know earlier than even trying to make your method to the proper biome. If you happen to’re searching for methods to customise your axolotl’s surroundings, we’ve got Minecraft seeds and Minecraft mods prepared that can assist you out.

a yellow Minecraft axolotl in a lush cave

The place to seek out Minecraft axolotl

The Minecraft axolotl could be discovered solely in Lush Caves. These aren’t technically biomes, however a gap that may be present in any deep caves. You’ll usually have a greater probability of discovering these beneath darkish and humid wooded biomes like most sorts of jungles. The arid climates discovered within the Plains or Savana biomes simply received’t do.

You’ll discover that Azalea bushes give away the situation of Minecraft Lush Caves, too, making them an important reference level for locating close by axolotl spawns.

Minecraft axolotl spawn necessities

Axolotls spawn inside 5 blocks of a Clay Block. This will function a visible information or reference level when looking for them. Additionally they demand darker environments, which is sensible given their exclusivity to the areas that represent a Lush Cave.

Until you’re establishing an axolotl farm with a Nether Portal, anticipate to get moist looking for these critters. They feed on hostile marine life like squid, small fish, and the Drowned, which can be utilized to your benefit when scouting them out.

You can tame a Minecraft axolotl by putting a lead on it

How do you tame a Minecraft axolotl?

Technically, you may’t tame a Minecraft axolotl, however you may nonetheless have them round as pets, very similar to livestock similar to sheep and cows. So in the event you plan on making your personal military of axolotl, the very first thing you’ll want is a bucket to scoop them up with. You’ll be able to then set them free close to your Minecraft home, as long as you’ve created an appropriate habitat close by for these lovely critters to thrive.

Like with any Minecraft mob, it could nonetheless wander off of its personal volition and can ultimately die if it doesn’t discover water. Nonetheless, in the event you place your axolotl in deep sufficient water, not less than two blocks deep, it ought to be secure. Simply be sure you create a walled aquarium in the event you’d like to make sure of protecting them round.

Buckets of Tropical Fish are the Axolotl’s breeding merchandise. If you wish to appeal to any of them hiding close by, you simply maintain the bucket of Tropical Fish in entrance of you and any which are close by shall be drawn to you, like rats to the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Like most different animals within the recreation, you may quickly tame axolotl in Minecraft through the use of a lead on one. This can permit the axolotl to observe you round, giving it the means to assault most different aquatic life and passing on advantages like Well being Regeneration to your character. This impact disappears when you unleash the axolotl.

Minecraft axolotl breeding: Two adult axolotls and a baby walk towards water

How you can breed Minecraft axolotls

To breed axolotl in Minecraft, you’ll have to feed one a Bucket of Tropical Fish. These are Water Buckets mixed with tropical fish species. As soon as fed, the axolotl will give start to a child axolotl, with its shade being that of one in every of its dad and mom chosen at random or, in very uncommon instances, blue.

Axolotls that give start can’t achieve this once more for not less than a minute. Child axolotl will at all times observe an grownup axolotl, ultimately rising into one itself after round 20 minutes. This timer could be decreased by 10% for each Bucket of Tropical Fish fed to the child axolotl.

The Minecraft axolotl comes in multiple colors and the rarest is blue

Axolotl colours

All through Minecraft, you’ll have the prospect to run into axolotl of 5 totally different colours: leucistic, wild, gold, cyan and, the rarest of the bunch, blue.

A blue axolotl can’t be discovered within the wild. To get one, it’s essential be extraordinarily fortunate when breeding axolotl of any shade. Child axolotls usually tackle the colour of one of many dad and mom at start, however there’s a really slim probability that they are often born as blue axolotl as an alternative.

The blue axolotl supposedly references the variety of axolotls nonetheless alive in the true world. You solely have a 1/1200 probability of child axolotl being blue whatever the shade of its dad and mom.

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Minecraft axolotl farm

As a result of Minecraft axolotls spawn in very particular situations, it’s straightforward to farm them just by recreating their Lush Cave environments. YouTuber Chapman documented a fast and comparatively straightforward method to construct a makeshift Lush Cave that may spawn dozens of axolotl very quickly in any respect.

By constructing on the appropriate depth of beneath Y:63, mimicking a darkish, moist area, and protecting prey like Squid or Drowned in a separate close by chamber, you may trick axolotl into spawning wherever you need.

This was initially devised as a method to get a blue axolotl with out breeding again after they might spawn within the wild. These days, nonetheless, it’s used as a method to amass a big colony of breeding axolotl for a similar function.

A cyan Minecraft axolotl plays dead in the water after being hit

What do axolotls do in Minecraft?

Axolotls in Minecraft serve extra than simply an aesthetic function. They’re versatile companions that, like cats or wolves, keep by your aspect and assault particular enemies usually discovered within the waters. Due to this fact, they’re the most effective companions for exploring the oceans or any moist caverns you come throughout.


In fight, axolotls will at all times assault aquatic life apart from frogs, turtles, dolphins, and different axolotl. They like to go after hostile mobs, however they are going to goal non-hostile mobs in the event that they’re accessible. They deal low to medium injury with every hit and may “play lifeless” when decreased beneath a sure HP threshold, dropping the eye of an attacking mob and slowing therapeutic itself earlier than leaping again into the struggle.


Axolotls are designed that can assist you in fight and, probably attributable to their critically endangered standing in the true world, don’t drop something apart from a couple of orbs of expertise if defeated in Minecraft. There’s little or no cause to defeat them however loads of causes to maintain them round and breed them in order that they’re round for some time longer.

How uncommon is the Minecraft axolotl?

Axolotls aren’t too troublesome to seek out. As long as you’re looking out in closely wooded areas just like the Darkish Forest, Previous Development Taiga, and Wooded Badlands biomes, you’ll have probability of discovering the Lush Caves beneath the water that usually host axolotls.


If you happen to didn’t already know all the pieces there’s to learn about axolotls in Minecraft, now you do. For extra guides on different versatile Minecraft mobs, massive and small, take a look at get Minecraft honeycomb from Minecraft bees and tame a Minecraft camel – you by no means know when one may come in useful.



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